Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati: If you are also tired of the rush of work and work pressure, then you are thinking of starting your own business on Diwali, then this information can prove to be important for you.

We are going to tell you about some options that can brighten your future. The special thing is that for that you have to invest not lakhs of rupees but only five or ten thousand rupees. Yes, you can earn good money even with a small investment. Today, in one of our important articles, we will tell you about such awesome Small Business Ideas, which are going to earn you millions of rupees. Let’s know about…

Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati: As we all know that the festive season is about to start now and the festivals of various religions are going to last for the next 2 months. We have seen that there are many people who prefer to run their business during the festive season. Such people start their business during the festive season and earn well.

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Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati

This is the season in which you can make good money from your small business in less time. The biggest of the festivals is Diwali, preparations for which are started about one to one and a half months in advance. If you start any small business in this festival of Diwali, it will give you good profit.

1. Festival Lights Business 

Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati: During festivals, people’s houses are lit up with things like LED lights, chandeliers, nowadays people also keep lights in their rooms, so that there is always light in the houses. In such a situation, if you are thinking of starting your own startup, you can start a light business.

Because these lights are useful in festivals as well as celebrations like weddings and parties. Their purchases are increasing and good money can be earned by starting this business at a low cost.

As we all know, the festive season of Diwali sees the highest lighting business. Nowadays you will find ready made lamps and other lighting equipments being sold in the market. If you want, you can sell lighting items this festive season.

You can invest at least 10 to 15 thousand rupees in it. You get a good margin in selling lighting items. You can start this business in this festive season and earn good profit in this glittering festival.

2. Firecracker Business

Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati: If there is one business that comes up during the festive season of Diwali, it is the crackers business. Those who do seasonal business, like to trade in crackers this festive season. Some states in India have banned the sale and purchase of firecrackers, but even today there are many states where the sale and purchase of firecrackers is not banned.

Before starting firecracker business, you should go to your nearest Police Station and take permission. After that you should earn thousands and millions of profit in this business.

3. Ready Made Puja Items Selling Business

Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati: Nowadays people go to the market to buy ready-made puja items during the festive season. If you want, you can start a business selling ready-made pooja materials. In this business you can sell all kinds of materials used in worship.

You have to invest only 3 to 5 thousand rupees in this business. Nowadays the demand of this kind of business is increasing in the market and you can earn good money from this business in this season. You can easily get 25 to 20% margin in this type of trading.

4. Bakery & Sweets Trade

Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati: In this Diwali festival of happiness, people visit each other’s houses with sweets and other bakery gifts. You can easily send sweets and bakery items to this festival if you wish. Remember, you have to pay special attention to the quality of your goods, so that more people like your bakery and sweets this season and more people choose to buy them.

In this festival, you will also need to pack all these food items and prepare them as gifts. If you do this, you can easily start your business and earn good profit.

5. Trading in decorative dry fruit packages

Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati: Very modern and stylish nowadays. People like to take decorative packs of dry fruits to each other’s houses during the festive season. You can sell to your customers.

Just make sure that whatever dry fruit you pack is good and of good quality. Decorative containers of dry fruits are in high demand in the market during the festive season and you can take advantage of this season and earn good money from your business.

6. Candle Making Business: 

Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati: Candle Making Business is a very sustainable business. There is a lot of demand for candles in the market, but its demand is increasing not because of electricity problem but for decoration. If seen, nowadays candle decoration is done in big parties, festivals, weddings etc.

Candles are now used in festive seasons and wedding ceremonies. Candles are also used on birthdays. Like if you want to start your own business, Kendal business (candle business) can be beneficial for you. You can start as per your budget.

Start business on this Diwali festival earn very good money. The special thing is that its demand remains in the market even after the wall.

Diwali Quotes For Business

Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati: You can send gif or Happy Diwali HD wallpaper. Which is available on various applications nowadays. As will bring a smile on the customer’s face. You can also send Diwali Wishes in Gujarati to your customers, this will help you build a good relationship with them.

You should send these types of things to your customers, clients and many others for continuous relationship and better understanding, this will help develop better communication skills and lead you to better understanding of each other, and bring a kind of trust. We know that trust is the key to success, the cornerstone for ongoing business generation in your relationship. Some quotes are as follows:

Quote 1

“Wishing you and your family a very happy Diwali… May we all move forward together and touch new heights of success in this coming year with our hard work and dedication.”

Quote 2

“As the lights shine on Diwali, I wish that you and your organization continue to reach greater heights of success. Wishing you a prosperous Diwali!”

Quote 3

“Fortunate is he who has learned to admire, but not to envy. Happy Diwali and Happy New Year with lots of peace and prosperity.”

Quote 4

“On the occasion of Diwali, I want your troubles to explode like wafers… your contentment to shine like a lamp, your imagination to fly like a rocket and you to be graced with endless happiness. Sending you heartiest Diwali wishes. May you have a wonderful time with your friends and family this year!”

Quote 5

“May this Diwali bring fresh hopes, different perspectives, new dreams and goals, may you be filled with beautiful days, new surprises and moments of happiness, success, sending you heartiest wishes on this Diwali.”

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Diwali Business Idea in Gujarati

How to start a small business with less investment?

Even if you have little money to invest, there are many small businesses that can help you earn a lot by starting online and offline. If you read this post till the end, you will get the idea.

What kind of packets of dry fruits do people like to take when visiting each other’s houses during the festive season?

People like to take decorative packs of dry fruits when visiting each other’s houses during the festive season.

What gifts do people go to each other’s houses in the happy Diwali festival?

In this Diwali festival of happiness, people visit each other’s houses with sweets and other bakery gifts.

Which business is one of the most scalable businesses for each state in India?

Firecrackers business is one of the most scalable business for every state in India

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