Do not make such mistakes while changing the SIM card

After buying a new mobile or changing a new SIM card in your phone, it is necessary to pay special attention to these things :

  • Do not make such mistakes while changing the SIM card
  • SIM card tray in mobile is very fragile
  • The mechanism is also very sensitive

While many people change mobiles from time to time, many people change the SIM many times in one mobile. This is a common thing to do, but if you make these mistakes while changing seams, you may regret it. Actually the SIM card tray is very delicate and its mechanism is also very sensitive. Today through this news we are going to tell you a way that you will not lose thousands of rupees because once a mistake is made you have to repair the smartphone, so let’s know what these tips are.

SIM tray cleaning
If you are installing a SIM card and the SIM tray is dirty, you should first clean it and then replace the SIM card. In fact if there is dirt in the SIM tray then the smartphone cannot read the SIM card or there is some problem with it. In such a case, definitely clean the SIM tray.

Protection against water
You should not use any liquid to clean this SIM tray or use water to clean it. In fact doing so can damage the smartphone and cost you thousands of rupees.
Replace the SIM card carefully
You should always carefully remove and replace the SIM card if you do so without damaging the SIM tray, otherwise the SIM tray as well as the reading mechanism may be damaged. These methods can keep your smartphone safe.

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