Money Transferred to Someone Else’s Account by Mistake? Money Will be Returned Immediately, Know How

Most of the bank’s work is now done with the help of mobile. Kyc, transactions, bank statements etc. can now be done at home from the Android mobile. Mobile banking these days often involves transferring money from a bank account to a wrong account or from one account to another. Sometimes this happens in banking fraud as well. UPI, Net Banking, Mobile Wallet have reduced the hassles related to banking transactions to a great extent. This way, you don’t need to go to the bank to transfer money to someone’s account. This is done in a pinch with just a mobile.

But many a times money is transferred to the wrong number. In this case, you can get this amount back as well. Let’s know the process.


Get money back instantly
Many new technologies have been adopted to simplify banking facilities but with this come some pitfalls. For example, what do you do if you accidentally transfer money to someone else’s account? How do I get that money back? You must have made this mistake at some point. If you have accidentally transferred your money to another account, you can get it back.

Notify the bank immediately
As soon as you realize that you have mistakenly transferred money to someone else’s account, notify your bank immediately. Call customer care and tell them the whole story. If the bank asks you for all the information on the e-mail, give the complete details of the erroneous transaction. Be sure to mention the date and time of the transaction, your account number and the account to which the money was mistakenly transferred.

Transfer to own bank account
If the bank account to which you have transferred the money, has wrong account number or wrong IFSC code, the money will automatically get into your account, but if not, go to your bank branch and meet. Branch Manager. Tell him about this wrongdoing. Try to find out which bank account the money went to. If this wrong transaction is done in any branch of your own bank, it will easily get credited to your account.

Transfer to someone else’s bank account
If money is transferred to another bank account by mistake, it may take longer to get the money back. Sometimes banks may take up to 2 months to dispose of such cases. You can find out from your bank that the money has been transferred to which account in which branch in which city. You can also try to get your money back by talking to that branch. Based on your information, the bank will inform the bank of the person to whose account the money has been mistakenly transferred. The bank will seek permission to return the wrongly transferred money to the person.


RBI Instructions to Banks
Nowadays, when you transfer money from a bank account to someone else’s account, you get a message. It also says that if the transaction is incorrect, please send this message to this number. RBI has also instructed banks that if money is mistakenly credited to someone else’s account, your bank has to take immediate action. The bank is responsible for returning your money from the wrong account to the correct account.

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