Process Of Purchase of Groundnuts, Mung Beans, Urad and Soybeans at Support Prices: Registration Required Document? Find Out Here

 Government of Gujarat buys crops at subsidized prices so that the farmers of Gujarat can get good prices for their crops. So this time too, the government will purchase the crops planted in Tuwer, Chana and Raida at subsidized prices. 

Dt. Registration has to be done from September 25 to October 24, 2022 .

Support price of groundnut Rs.5,850, groundnut Rs. 7,755, add Rs.6,600 and soybean Rs.4,300 per quintal has been announced.

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Necessary Documents

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Land Account Information 7/12 & 8 A
  • Talati Plantation Pattern All the above mentioned documents have to be uploaded at the time of registration. Make sure to upload this while doing the registration.

Where to apply 

Farmers have to register from September 25 to October 24, 2022. Registration of farmers will be done from village level through VCE (VC Operator) from e-Village Centers.

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