Reasons For Women Gaining Weight After Marriage

There are many changes in everyone’s life after marriage. Whether I am a woman or a man, most of the women in India start getting fat after marriage. According to a research, 80 percent of Indian women start getting fat after marriage and the weight increases by 5 to 10 kg, so today we are going to tell you why these changes occur in the lives of Indian women

Reasons For Women Gaining Weight After Marriage
Food and Drink
When newly married, it is great to go out for walks and meals. It looks very romantic too. And this cycle continues for 1 to 2 years, but by constantly eating oily food outside, it is natural to gain weight if you eat more than the limit.

Due to change in lifestyle

After marriage, household responsibilities also fall on girls, fulfilling which their entire routine changes. Sleeping late- Waking up early also leads to weight gain due to lack of time to eat and sleep. According to studies, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is required every day. But after marriage they are not able to get enough sleep due to busy lifestyle.

Hormonal changes
Hormonal changes occur in women’s bodies even during intercourse after marriage, which can be the main reason for weight gain.

Stress also takes a toll on women’s bodies as they face difficulty in adjusting to a new place, along with household chores and other responsibilities. Due to which they remain under stress. Stress is responsible for women’s body weakness.

Many women are not fat after marriage but they cannot maintain their weight after pregnancy. Of course, the use of birth control pills can also cause weight gain.

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