Traffic Rules: Toll will be deducted for riding a bike while wearing slippers? This is the rule

On the off chance that you drive a bike, you might confront weighty fines in the event that you don’t know about the traffic related rules. For abusing traffic controls, your challan can be deducted up to great many rupees. Alongside this, now and again you can likewise get imprisoned. In the event that you need your challan not to be deducted, you ought to know about all the traffic governs and adhere to the guidelines.

As per a Zee News report, there are some traffic rules, which not many individuals may know about. Since individuals never saw about them. Because of this explanation, while driving purposely or accidentally, individuals abuse traffic rules, because of which their challan is deducted. One such rule is riding a bike while wearing chappals. As indicated by the new traffic governs, your challan can now be deducted for riding a bicycle while wearing shoes.

According to the ongoing Motor Vehicle Act, wearing completely shut shoes while riding a bike is compulsory. In the event that somebody abuses this standard while driving, he can be fined Rs 1000. In the event that you ride a bicycle wearing chappals, you need to pay Rs 1000 as cash.

Aside from this, in the event that we discuss the general traffic rules, everybody should wear a cap while riding a bicycle. On the off chance that an individual rides a bicycle without a cap, he is fined Rs 1000. Simultaneously, the driver ought to have every one of the archives connected with the bicycle. In the event that an individual doesn’t have vehicle records. So even all things considered money can be deducted.

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